Sunday, 26 September 2010

Summer Summation

As the mornings and evenings stealthily get darker and darker, I'm left with the wonder of how fast summer has come and gone by, are the summers getting shorter or is it just me, we do say this every year don't we?! The difference for me this year is that I undertook to purse a dream and a love of mine, cooking good food and sharing it with anyone who loves it!

Some of the highlights, of which there are many, include going to Tuscany for a dear friend's wedding and wonder of wonders, taking part in a Bollywood dance! I'm still waiting for the offers I was promised would come flowing in from Bollywood, after all, that was the only reason I would make a public nuisance of myself, right?! Apparently, there is even a youtube clip going around, talk to me nicely and I may be persuaded to send you in the right direction :-) The trip of course is filled with wonderful memories of moments spent with great friends and the most amazing views, including the most incredible lightning displays!

Of course any trip wouldn't be complete for me without sampling local cuisine, some so good and some not so great! It was to me the introduction of the most incredible cheese I've ever tasted, Burrata. Think of the best buffalo mozzarella you've ever tasted and then multiply it by 10! It is milder and creamier hence making it tastier than mozzarella! Imagine my absolute delight when I discovered a little Italian delicataseen in town stocked it! Look out for it on one of my menus, served with home made chili jam and home made Italian bread.

Well, I shan't drag on with my tales as this is all about food isn't it?! I haven't stopped cooking, baking, braising, poaching, roasting, name a method of cooking, I've probably tried it this summer. This is not only a journey to share good food with people but also to push myself that bit further and see how good I really am. So you love food, push me!

As Autumn is one of my favourite months of year, I have wonderful recipes to share with you, after all, these are the months we can indulge ourselves without the guilt as our bodies need to require extra fuel to keep as warm.

Saturday 2nd October
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Saturday 16th October - Fully booked, waiting list
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Saturday 30th October - Halloween Dinner, 4 places left
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Saturday 13th November

Thursday 25th November - Thanksgiving, book early to avoid disappointment
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Saturday 27th November
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