Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fusion Dinner - 12th June

I've always been fascinated by food from all around the world hence the idea of my next supper. I was once invited to dinner by a friend from Venezuela who said they were going to cook me an authentic Venezuelan meal, something called Arepas! Imagine my shock and utter delight when the said dish arrived on the table only to find it was actually something I'd grown up with but cooked with a lot more imagination?!

Of course I had to feature Arepas on my fusion night for it is a true portrayal of what fusion is all about. Who could have imagined South America having a cuisine in common with Africa! The other dishes have been simply picked for their deliciousness. Exploring cuisines from around the world is my quest for this blog and sharing it with you all will be my utter pleasure.


Appetiser:- (South America - Africa)
Meat & Cheese Arepas
 Fried corn pancakes filled with fried beef and served with a tomato and onion salsa and cheese. This is a  South American specialty and it's simplicity contrasts delightfully with the burst of flavours!

Starter:- (Italy)
Rotolo of spinach, squash & ricotta
 Home made egg pasta sheets filled with roasted squash, spinach and ricotta with fennel and chillies. The hot chillies, the sweet squash and sour taste of ricotta all combine to play tingling games with one's tongue!

Main Course:- (India)
Parsee-style Hot and Sweet Chicken with apricots.

Chicken cooked in cardamom, ginger, garlic, cumin, apricots and chilies and served with basmati rice and chapatti.

Dessert:-(Latin America)
Churros served with a choice of either a dark chocolate sauce or white chocolate and yoghurt sauce

Saturday, 22 May 2010

29th Indian Delight Menu

Well, at last the long awaited menu is here!

Batata Wada (mashed potato balls), Onion Bhajia (Onions with Gram Flour Fritters) and Beef Samosa served with pomegranate raita and home made tamarind sauce.

Roast Salmon with Dill and Mustard served with a green pea relish

The Salmon is twice marinated, firstly with a ginger and garlic paste, lightly seared then marinated in grated cheddar cheese, Greek-style yoghurt, wholegrain mustard, chopped chillies and single cream and baked in the oven. The green pea relish has a kick to it reminiscent of Japanese wasabi.

Hot and Sweet Chicken curry with apricots garnished with potato straws and accompanied by pilau rice and chapatti

This dish packs a lot of flavours and textures and is dark, rich, sweet and spicy all at the same time! It has all the classic curry spices such as cumin seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, cloves chillies ginger etc.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Soufflé

I know! Not your typical Indian dessert I guess but it’s an absolute favourite of mine and therefore decided that after a night packed with such full flavours as above, it would only be justifiable to serve something as decadent yet so light and delicious as this.

I hope this menu inspires you as much as it does me and my aim is for every single person to leave with a smile on their face and a song in their hearts from having enjoyed themselves!

My next posting will be of the full menu and how to prepare the dishes

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The First Dinner - Curry Delight - Saturday 29th May

The launch of my very own Supper Club! I am looking forward to making new friends already.

Menu to be published nearer the time. I'm so full of ideas that I'm hard pressed to pick what to cook but whatever I pick, I intend it to be a show stopper. There will be 4 courses served, with the main dish being a curry and of course the famous Chapattis! BYO and a minimum contribution of £30. To book a place, please contact me at Book early in order to avoid disappointment as my intention is to keep the numbers small and intimate.

About Me

Where do I start?

I guess I learnt at a very early age that if I wanted a good meal I’d have to make it myself, which in itself is incredible and just goes to emphasise that I do have a very discerning palate, to the frustration of quite a few of my friends, we’ll go into that at a later date. My mother didn’t cook you see, or didn’t cook well and we always had house help, that may sound privileged but trust me it wasn’t as grand as it sounds.

I remember very well the first time I cooked. I’d just come home from school and very grandly announced that I wanted to eat chapatti, I was 11 years old! Kenya’s food is influenced a lot by Indian cuisine, a legacy left behind by the Indians who came over to help the British build the railway as the locals had refused to do so due to superstition. Chapatti was and still is very much a luxury in most homes and eaten at the weekend as a treat for those who can afford it or only on big occasions for the less fortunate. Mum informed me that Mary, the girl living with us at the time, had already made supper and that if I wanted chapatti I’d have to make it myself, she was joking and was absolutely amazed when I did it. They may have been a bit hexagonal rather than round but I did it and thus began my love affair with food/cooking. To this day, I’m told I make the best chapatti and mum will not allow anyone else to do it if I’m home. I guess you’ll have to judge for yourself when I do the curry night.

Why do I want to do this? I live, breath and eat food ;-) and I guess would love to share what I’ve learnt over the years with like minded people. I may not cook in a professional kitchen but would damn well give those professionals a run for their money!!!