Sunday, 27 June 2010

When Good Food Happens! - Friday 9th July

Well, I'm well into my stride now after 3 successful dinners! How does one measure success?For me it's through the perfect execution of every dish and hearing those groaning sounds with each mouthful, not quite "When Harry met Sally" but quite close! :-). On this occasion, my starter and main course are leaning more towards Italy where I'm sure we'll all agree some of the most delicious dishes come from. Gone are the days when Italian food was just Pizza (that's what I thought until I found a few gems scattered all over London!) So here we go!

Prawn Satay:
After the success of this dish at my last dinner and having been told by the diners that it should be my signature dish, I shall very much oblige, hence it's featuring on this night! The Prawns are coated with a prawn puree and home made curry paste (turmeric, star anise, cardamom, cloves, cumin, mace, fenugreek and coriander seeds, dry fried and pounded to make the paste). They are then shallow fried and finished off in the oven. These served with a home made sweet and sour sauce plays amazing games with the pallet!

Saffron Risotto served in parmesan baskets:
Sometimes the simplest of things are the best and this dish demonstrates just that. The risotto is cooked in home made chicken stock and saffron strands added to it to give it that rich golden colour. The parmesan is melted in a non-stick pan molden on an overturned large ramakin to give it it's shape into which the risotto is poured and served.  Utter heaven, even though I say so myself!

Main Course:-
Salt Baked Sea Bass served with Almond Aioli:
Does as it says on the tin! The Sea Bass is completely covered in salt and baked in the oven. I never used to know what all the fuss over this dish was until I tried it myself and almost had an! :-), not sure I'm allowed to use the omitted word on the site! It is yet again simple but completely melts in your mouth. This will be served with a home made Almond Aioli.

Profiteroles filled with Ice Cream and covered with dark chocolate:
Need I say more!?

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